Sub-Machinegun Suppressors


Coastal Guns UZI SMG Suppressors for the full size & Mini 9mm UZI's.
 These are very effective cans, constructed from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. 
They measure 11.5" x 2" & are have a hard coat anodized finish.

Priced @ $299.00 ea.


Bowers CAC 9 MAC Suppressors

The CAC-series cans are the old standards of the Bowers suppressor line. They have implemented a lot of changes in the dozen-plus years they've been in production. They're priced right but still compare very well next to a $800+ suppressor, and have built-in versatility you can't find elsewhere at any price. All are entirely precision machined aluminum (except for the billet stainless VersadaptTM Insert) and are turned in house on our Hardinge CNC turning centers. The new AIMS (TM) mount system comes with one included thread adapting insert. Select it from these sixeeen available inserts, also available separately.

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