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All weapons are NEW unless otherwise noted.


Del-Ton M4 Army Edition
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UTAS - UTS 15 / 12 gaShotgun w/ door

breacher, light & laser



Springfeild Armory M6 scout 22lr /410

Priced @ $995.00


 Russian 91/30 Mosin Nagant,excellent original condition, 7.62x54, found crate of them that had been in back of wharehouse for 20+ years. Come w/ all accessories pictured. Bayonets even have matching serial numbers!!

All Matchinhg #'s $349.00


Rossi Circuit Judge
45 Colt & 410

Priced @ $575.00 


Sig 522  w/ RARE Green Furniture
Priced @ $595.00
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Keltec KSG Shotgun NIB (Does not include verticle grip)
SALE Priced @ $795.00






Stainless Tikka 30.06 w/ Nikon scope
(left hand)

Priced @ $700.00