MAC 10/ 45 SMG

Brand New in the Box MAC 10/45, marked INGRAM M10A1, they are 45 ACP. These are Texas MAC's that were purchased at auction by SWD (same people who made the M11/9's) as unfinished receivers. SWD then completed these guns & properly TIG welded them together (unlike the Texas built guns that were only spot welded & have been know to come apart).
These guns are registered in 9mm & 45 ACP but are set up in 45 ACP. These guns use Grease gun mags, just like every other M10/45 out there. When we purchased them some had no mags& some had used mags.  Even though the one pictured doesn't show a mag it will come w/ one used mag.

 Consecutive serial numbered sets are available at no additional charge.

We are about out of these NIB guns & when they are gone their won't be any more!!