Lahti L-39 20mm Anti Tank Rifle

This Lahti L-39 20mm Anti-Tank rifle is in great shape & works perfectly. It is registered as a Destructive Device as per BATF rules & would be transferred
on an ATF Form 4. Even though I am a Class III dealer I am not a Destructive Device dealer thus the form 4 transfer. This gun was re-watted by Frank Hatten
he is a master machinist & does lots of work for Ohio Ordnance & others. He advised  me that he & his wife had shot numerous rounds through it.  It comes as
pictured w/ the detachable skis / bipod, (1) coffin mag holder w/ carry strap & 2 mags.

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NOTE: To save on packing & shipping we can arrange to deliver to Knob Creek in April or October.